Trimming Your Wicks & Benefits!

Trimming Your Wicks & Benefits!

Wick Trimming is important to a life of a candle, it makes it easier to cut wicks that are hard to reach with regular scissors, not trimming your wicks can lead to issues such as your candles candle life or burn hours to lower due to the carbon build up around your wick which will cause the flame to burn hotter = wax burning quicker!

- Trimming your wick 1/4 IN or 5mm is essential for maximum burn in each candle burn!

- Make sure you don't cut too short, a low wick may cause the wick to struggle to stay lit  *if this does happen carve a little of  wax off around the wick and problem solved!*

So why is wick trimming important?

- candle burns more evenly 

- No sink holes

- No tunneling ( when wax isn't burned long enough to the edges a memory ring emerges and candle begins to tunnel down after the next burn from where the memory ring formed. i

- Less soot (black smoke) in candle

- prolonging the life of a candle 

For example a candle that has 20 burn hours without trimming wick can decrease candle life from 20 hours to 15 hours.