Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

We’re always on the hunt for more eco friendlier packaging!♻️ Our goal is to minimize our pollution from packaging as much as we can. Therefore,  we do not use plastic packing materials  such as bubble wrap,  polystyrene packing peanuts, these common shipping supplies do not biodegrade, they harm wildlife and environment! We believe it's so unnecessary to use such items, if other resources are available. 

In order to ensure orders arrive safely and in perfect condition we use corrugated kraft boxes, kraft crinkle cut paper, kraft tape and/or recycled tape,100% biodegradable starch packing peanuts and 100% recycled kraft paper!


(Biodegradable packing peanuts can be placed in a bowl, add water and within 2-5 minutes they dissolve). They do not clog sinks and doesn't harm wildlife, it's a win win!

Regular orders are always packaged in biodegradable peanuts covered by a Stamped Kraft Sheet. Minimal yet eco friendly! Every order besides Linen Sprays come with their designed care card, which can be recycled!

Gift Orders are always packaged with biodegradable peanuts,  crinkle cut paper amr a cotton ribbon bow! The ribbons we use are biodegradable and can be recycled or reused!

It is very important to us to always keep the environment in mind when dispatching orders! Environmentally friendly packaging might be more expensive than more common packaging but this is a price we have to pay to keep the environment clean!