How to Use Your Reed Diffusers: All About It

How to Use Your Reed Diffusers: All About It

A Reed Diffuser is a mixture of a base solution and fragrance oil or essential oil  poured into a glass bottle with reed sticks. Our Reed Diffusers are Natural and derived from plants! 

How strong are Reed Diffuser?

Reed diffusers are not meant to fill entire rooms they are like a field of flowers you get a light aroma, place reed diffuser in a room with good air circulation which will allow fragrance to disperse beautifully. If you want a strong scent candles are a better option! Our diffusers last approximately 3+ months.

Why don't we use essential oils in our diffusers?

- Essential oils can be beneficial to humans but can be toxic to pets specially cats! this is why we avoid essential oils in all our products!

Why Rattan sticks over Bamboo Sticks

- Bamboo sticks do not work as well as rattan reed sticks. This is due to bamboo sticks having nodes, which inhibit the wicking process. Rattan Reeds on the other hand, have a clear channel that enables easy and simple wicking which allows diffuser oil to flow better and release long-lasting scents

We carefully researched for the best reeds on the market that work with our diffuser oil! Not all Reed Sticks are made equally

Ours sticks are 3mm in diameter, for maximum flow of reed diffuser oil. These slightly wider reeds also help get thicker fragrances airborne.